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Enterprise Elite talk about the future of the industry, the wisdom of logistics how to develop?

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These days, with the formal listing of iphone8, the various hot topics about iPhone on the network can be described in an endless stream. Among them, an article has left a deep impression on the author from a special point of view. The article said: today, our life has been completely surrounded by intelligent mobile phone, whether it is to eat and sleep even on the toilet all cannot do without it, but we can still remember the appearance of mobile phone 10 years ago? Similarly, for our logistics industry, I also want to ask a sentence: you can remember it 10 years ago?
Ten years ago, the driver gathered in front of a billboard, looking for goods everywhere. Ten years later, companies such as freight carriers, freight cars and cloud birds put the cargo information on the Internet. The driver and the owner can complete the complicated process of sending and transporting goods through a convenient app. Ten years ago, e-commerce has just risen, we need to buy a commodity online for a few days or even ten days to deliver. Ten years later, the day is no longer surprising, even half an hour, 1 hours service in general has become the pursuit of business objectives.
The changes in the past ten years have brought unimaginable shock to us. The new mode, new technology and new ideas are constantly breeding and growing, and finally the logistics industry has undergone tremendous changes. The next ten years, the logistics industry will be how to develop, whether there are more advanced models and methods can help the industry to complete the transformation and upgrading, keep up with the pace of development of the times? In September 14th by the China Federation of logistics and Purchasing Guide, billion euros by transport full of CO 2017 The Belt and Road - China wisdom logistics leaders summit, all outstanding entrepreneurs have made us rich and diverse solutions.
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The conference invited many large coffee industry, China Federation of logistics and purchasing where dawn president, Jingdong logistics, Suning logistics, rookie network, IBM, cloud business intelligence and other well-known innovative logistics logistics executives, transport truck, truck, full of bliss and wisdom to help Scarlett as many Internet plus logistics company the person in charge, Huaping investment, venture capital, it united logistics industry partner of well-known investment institutions and logistics industry experts, opinion leaders and more than 500 people attended the summit.
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At the meeting, President He Liming first to a guild leader's point as we fully analyzed the status quo of China's logistics industry, and how we should rely on the Internet and logistics logistics big data, new technology, through the Collaborative Logistics Innovation Model and artificial intelligence, reshaping the industry division, reconstruction of industrial structure, transformation of industry development the common mode, promote the industry stable and fast forward.
He said, with the continuous development of the industry, the corresponding government support will be strengthened, a variety of logistics industry favorable policies have been released, jointly promote the transformation and upgrading of intelligent logistics. The rapid development of logistics Internet, the wide application of logistics data, and the strengthening and protection of logistics cloud services have played an important role in the industrial intelligence change, which greatly improved the production efficiency.
At the meeting, he also mentioned that the next step of China's smart logistics development will be further upgraded around the following aspects:
1. connect further upgrade, logistics assembly, facilities, personnel and goods will be fully connected to the Internet, constitute a full coverage, wide connection of logistics Internet, everything interconnection will boost the development of intelligent logistics.
2., the overall upgrade of the data, the degree of logistics digitization will be significantly improved, breaking the industry information asymmetry and information island phenomenon, the whole process of transparency will strengthen the basis of intelligent logistics.
3. mode to further upgrade, to share, crowdsourcing, crowdsourcing and other innovative models will be widely used. This will further break the traditional division of labor system, the reconstruction of business processes and business models, innovation driven will become a new driving force of intelligent logistics.
4. enterprise upgrading, distributed logistics Internet will be closer to consumers, and gradually replace the centralized operation mode, to meet the individual needs of customers, experience the economy will create the value of intelligent logistics.
5. intelligent upgrade, artificial intelligence technology will be rapid iteration, the machine will replace artificial in many ways, and this speed is fast, will exceed people's imagination. Information, intelligence, unmanned will become more and more common, intelligent revolution will change the logistics market structure.
6. green upgrade, like green packaging, green transportation, green warehousing will accelerate the popularization and application, green low carbon will comprehensively enhance the influence of intelligent logistics.
7. industrial chain upgrading, wisdom logistics will drive the Internet into the upstream and downstream industry chain, based on user demand forced the industrial chain, strengthen the linkage and deepening of integration, the formation of ecological systems to boost the logistics collaborative intelligence sharing.
A large number of logistics industry big coffee also came onto the stage, carried out a wonderful and full dry sharing. The author summed up a part of the guests speech for everyone to exchange learning.
HNA cloud business President Cheng Dan
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President Cheng Dan takes HNA modern logistics as an example to introduce several formats of logistics enterprise development. Cheng Zong mentioned that the modern logistics of HNA has three magic weapons: Skynet, ground grid and digital network.
Skynet refers to the strong aviation network of hna. Now it has a large cargo plane, another more than 700 aircraft can cover, to fully guarantee the transportation efficiency and speed of Hainan Modern logistics. The ground grid refers to a large number of airport and road freight enterprises controlled by hna. Digital network refers to several core business segments of HNA's modern logistics, namely: air cargo, airport management, warehousing investment, logistics gold clothing, intelligent logistics