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Express "last mile" into the industry's main direction of transformation and upgrading

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Xinhua Beijing September 5 (Xue Tao) in recent years, the rapid development of e-commerce, to bring people more diverse, more convenient shopping experience. However, you have encountered such a problem: when the courier door-to-door, you are at work or out of the house, residential property refused to collect and lead to repeat delivery, express delays? Even if the residential property collection, can express once damaged, no complaints? Colleges and universities in order to clear the campus security risks as grounds, prohibit express vehicles access, take delivery, but also long distance running or long queues?
As the deputy director of the State Post Bureau Liu Jun said in September 5th, at present, facing the development of China's express industry the biggest bottleneck is the delivery end of the "last mile" problem: some courier outlets operating difficulties, the delivery end of car difficult, difficult land, hard labor, the door hard, convenience store equipped with courier service lacks a standard, safe delivery the situation is grim...... Liu Jun said, how to face the mail and express delivery to the hands of customers, is an important indicator to measure the development level of the express industry; how to crack the delivery end of the existing problems, further to provide high quality and efficient, differentiated and personalized delivery service is an important carrier of the transformation and upgrading of the industry and the main direction.
Opening ceremony of China Express's "last mile" summit 2017. Xinhua Xue Tao photo
In September 5th, the 2017 China Express "last mile" summit hosted by China Post Express newspaper was held in Beijing. Liu Jun, deputy director of the state post administration, delivered a speech at the opening meeting. The theme of the summit is "connectivity and fusion", which aims to explore how to promote the green development and intelligent development of the "last mile" express.
Promote the "last mile" green development of Express
Jingdong logistics group CEO Wang Zhenhui said at the summit, "at present, Jingdong logistics hundreds of thousands of vehicles throughout the country, plans to replace tens of thousands of vehicles in the current 3-5 years to green vehicles."."
Vice president of China Resource Recycling Association Pan Yonggang suggested that consumers in the tear tape and express, to facilitate the recovery of carton processing, because if the tape mixed in the pulp and paper process, will produce a large number of stickies, processing is very difficult.
Suning Suning Logistics Group Vice President Lu Junfeng said, Suning on the line "drifting box plan", the first phase of 10 thousand inputs. The drift box is a recyclable plastic box, instead of the traditional carton, about 0.3 meters long, 0.2 meters wide. Each rafting box can be recycled 2000 times, which can save about 1 trees of 10 years old.