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Intelligent express cabinet opens the Warring States Period: foreign capital high transfer bureau in

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智能快递柜开启战国时代:外来资本高调入局 行业趋向技术比拼

Smart courier cabinets increasingly integrated into the public life. (Photo by Zhang Yi)
Because of the problem of profit and faded from view of smart courier cabinet industry, has now become Zhongxingpengyue xiangbobo. Recently, after Jingdong announced the full access to the nest express cabinet, Jingdong from the cabinet is also fully open to the social courier. Jingdong said in the future, whether in any business platform for shopping, personal items or daily courier, whatever courier express delivery, as long as the user has self demand, are free to use the nearby Jingdong from mentioning cabinet service, from the market generally kept up to 2 days 3 days. When the courier and easy to nest and other courier cabinet bigwigs fought hard, the accession of Jingdong, no doubt such a new pattern of competition in the industry intensified.
Market fever
It's hard for couriers to deliver a cabinet
Mr. Zhang recently encountered a distressing incident, that was originally considered by him as a very convenient way to express delivery, and now often can not get through. "Now often receive couriers phone, saying that the courier cabinet is not enough, let me come back to express delivery, but I happen to be not at home, where there is a division of the operation?""
Mr. Zhang also has a new discovery, that is now with the courier cabinet released more and more advertising. "I often use the nest express cabinet, every time take the express and close the courier cabinet will receive a prompt message, but the message is often followed by a string of advertising, selling leisure food, fruit and so on."."
Mr. Zhang's distress reflects the current situation of intelligent courier cabinet hot situation. National postal statistics show that in 2016, the annual volume of courier services enterprises completed 31 billion 280 million, an increase of 51.4%. It is estimated that by 2017, China's express service will reach 43 billion 800 million; by 2020, the total amount of express service will not be less than 102 billion 200 million, and the compound growth rate from 2016 to 2020 will be as high as 34.44%. Distribution pressure is increasing, how to effectively express delivery to consumers, has been the focus of attention of the industry.
As a new solution to express "last mile" problem, with the advantages of flexible time allocation, high efficiency, low cost and high safety, the intelligent courier cabinet was once sought after by the market. With the rapid development of express business, China's demand for intelligent courier cabinet is also increasing rapidly. According to the CSC research report statistics, has launched a smart courier cabinet, including the business Express easy Feng nest technology enterprises, e-post cabinet etc.. By the end of 2016, the country estimated that there are about 150 thousand courier cabinets, 8 million outlets.
National policy of the spring breeze blowing, but also promoted the rapid development of intelligent courier cabinets. In 2015, the State Council issued the "on accelerating the development of life of service industry to promote the upgrading of consumption structure guidance", stressed the need to actively develop the cold chain logistics, warehousing distribution integration new mode of logistics services, promote the use of smart package, smart express box.