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Xiamen 100 billion logistics industry from the "support" to "pillar" change

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Xiamen network (Xiamen Daily reporter correspondent Xu Jingming Chen Shuide) the sea, land and air logistics is the strong support of Xiamen national economy, import and export trade development, support the international integrated transport hub, Xiamen is more to build more and more international name card".
After thirty years of reform and opening up, the rapid development of transportation has made the modern logistics industry develop in a "fission" way. Nowadays, the modern logistics industry has become one of the six pillar industries of our city's national economy. Last year, it is a new starting point of the historical development with the attitude of "hundred billion industry".
The new period ushered in a new opportunity, the new period entrusted with new tasks. At present, the Xiamen Municipal Transportation Bureau initiative into the The Belt and Road, free trade zone and Xiamen inter island development practice, the full implementation of modern logistics trillion industry development planning, build around the international shipping center, Xiamen southeast regional logistics center city, construction of five large logistics industry gathering area, accelerate great industry development platform and carrier construction......
The tide of development is pushing the modern logistics industry "big ship" into a new goal. According to the prediction of Xiamen City Transportation Bureau, is expected to 2020, the total income of city logistics industry will reach 200 billion yuan, compared with the current doubled, which will enable the modern logistics industry to complete the "industry" to "leapfrog transformation of pillar industry".
Industrial income soared, the status has improved significantly
Achievements: in 2012 this five years -2016 years, Xiamen logistics industry's total revenue increased from 60 billion 200 million yuan to 101 billion 8 million yuan, an average annual increase of 13.81%; logistics industry added value increased from 21 billion 572 million yuan to 33 billion 900 million yuan, an average annual increase of 11.96%.
In the past five years, Xiamen port container throughput of the global ranking rose from nineteenth to fifteenth; the airport is the sixth largest inland port port airport; before the railway large yard and East Corfu railway marshalling station as the core, the formation of highway and rail freight hub in southeast coastal areas. The logistics carrier of our city has changed from the original "sea and air" double hub into "sea, land and air" three hub". Behind the rapid growth, Xiamen is playing an increasingly important role in the national and global logistics industry.
Xiamen City Transportation Bureau, "11th Five-Year" period, Xiamen by the State Council and the national development and Reform Commission and other departments as the southeast regional logistics center city (9), a logistics node city (the 21); "12th Five-Year" since, Xiamen is positioned as the southeast international shipping center (National 4), a logistics park layout of the city (the 29), a national integrated transport logistics hub (23), the national backbone transport hub (city) (23) and the international integrated transport hub (15).
Logistics big project landing transformation and upgrading to accelerate
Achievement: the planning and construction of Dongdu, Haicang, Tongan, Xiangan, before the five large logistics industry gathering area, the logistics industry in the construction of 48 projects, a total investment of 16 billion 400 million yuan, plans to invest 2 billion 100 million yuan in 2017, and has 7 projects put into operation.
The major industry platform for the development and construction of the carrier, is the most powerful starting point, at the same time, the modern logistics industry of our city into the transformation and upgrading of the "fast track", is "three change": the logistics industry from extensive growth to the pursuit of scale transformation of the quality and efficiency of intensive growth; from the incremental expansion to adjust the stock do good, incremental transition from factor driven, coexist; investment driven to innovation driven change, integration and development.
These changes can be seen from large rail freight yards at the front yard. Xiamen City Transportation Bureau, as the most important platform for the next several years the development of the logistics industry development projects, land resources integration and expanding the service station in the hinterland of Qianchang railway large yard "railway + logistics hub and industrial agglomeration area" organic collection, about 5300 acres of total land in railway operation area 2763 acres of land, more than 2500 acres of functional areas of logistics.
This scale will bring "flow surge" - at the end of last year, an operation of railway operation area, has continuous operation of automobile, timber transport, a total cargo throughput of more than 170 thousand tons; the function areas in logistics plan at the end of this year put into operation. In addition, the former railway large freight yard also led the Jimei logistics park project, the electricity supplier Valley, the sea wing logistics, Jia Sheng supply chain and other brands have settled.
Central Europe class
Build a new channel for national logistics
At the end of August 2017, Xiamen central trains accumulated CDB 161, 9178 TEUs, the value of about 2 billion 502 million yuan. Data show that in 2017 1-7 months in Xiamen city for the BRICs import and export 26 billion 530 million yuan, an increase of 45.6%; in the central trains under the drive of the Russian import and export 5 billion 350 million yuan, grow 53.1%.
In the implementation of the The Belt and Road "initiative, Xiamen international freight trains of the opening line, the realization of" traction locomotive ", to create a new national logistics channel.
The Xiamen Municipal Transportation Bureau since August 2015, Xiamen has been stable, CDB Xiamen - Alashankou - Hamburg (every Monday column), Almaty - Xiamen - Alashankou (every ten column), Xiamen - Manchuria (Erenhot), Moscow (every Monday column) four lines of central trains, and included in the construction of Xiamen City Hester City strategic fulcrum work program and self stress test project of trade test area; at the same time, supply chain services in central trains, the ability to further strengthen trade radiation.
Since last year, the "locomotive" is speeding up: April 2016, class column